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nachtblau has been developing and marketing innovative IT and software solutions since 2005. Our more than 50 employees are experienced media industry experts, creative and highly specialized developers, and experienced project managers. Numerous renowned customers rely on our IT and media expertise.


  • Artificial intelligence and MAM ideally combined in one solution

  • Rapid search and retrieval of video content

  • Automated metadata generation


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AI solutions for faster video content discovery

Struggling to manage and find your video content? Medialoopster, a leading enterprise video platform developed by the media technology experts at nachtblau, now offers seamless integration with DeepVA’s advanced AI features, taking your media asset management (MAM) to the next level.

Effortless content management with medialoopster

Medialoopster simplifies video workflows for businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive suite of features:

  • Centralized Library

    Securely store, organize, and collaborate on all your video, image, and audio assets.

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities

    Leverage AI-powered search and detailed metadata to find the exact content you need, fast.

  • Automated Workflows

    Utilize built-in AI tools and third-party integrations like DeepVA to automate tedious tasks, saving you valuable time.

  • Streamlined Collaboration

    Facilitate seamless teamwork with role-based access control and collaborative editing features.

DeepVA AI services

Unlocking the potential of your video library

Medialoopster’s integration with DeepVA empowers you with powerful AI functionalities:

Advanced search and retrieval

Advanced search and retrieval

Leverage DeepVA’s AI-powered search to find the perfect content based on detailed metadata and semantic analysis.

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