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We believe AI can transform data management and unlock a future of limitless potential for businesses. Our mission? Make AI accessible to everyone, providing the fastest and easiest way to integrate this powerful technology.

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Seeing Beyond: Our Vision & Mission

Aiconix GmbH is a leading AI innovation company specialising in computer vision and machine learning. Our primary goal is the development of innovative AI tools that extract valuable insights from visual data and thus make it easily accessible.

With DeepVA, we’ve built an exceptionally scalable, secure and seamlessly integratable AI platform that provides organisations with the best AI infrastructure and intuitive tools to deploy AI solutions where they’re needed most.

Our international team is constantly working to improve our image, video and live stream analysis capabilities. We adopt an approach that integrates the most up-to-date technology and is always focused on the demands of the future. The global footprint of our AI solutions spans multiple markets, demonstrating our commitment to continued growth and exploration of new business paradigms under the aiconix umbrella.

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The faces behind aiconix

Meet the passionate leaders and talented team who make aiconix a driving force in the AI industry


Christian Hirth

Founder of DeepVA & CEO


Esther Arroyo Garcia

Founder of DeepVA & CMO


Thorsten Hallwas



Frederik Böhm

Founder of DeepVA & CTO


Dr. Denis Jung

Chief Customer Officer


Fabian Linder

Business Development Manager


Janina Zapara

Marketing Manager


Maria Eichm√ľller

Process & Programm Manager


Janik Böhm

Quality Assurance Specialist


Amirreza Alesaheb-Fosoul

Backend Developer


Madhu Basavanna

Deep Learning Engineer

Dhruv Raj Gupta-1

Dhruv Raj Gupta


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