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LOGIC, a German systems architect specializing in hybrid moving image infrastructures, designs and implements live and file-based production workflows. With over 25 years of experience, LOGIC facilitates digital transformation for startups to large enterprises, offering solutions on local data centers, Amazon Web Services, or in both environments. Known for simplifying complex infrastructures, LOGICā€™s commitment to fairness and competence sets it apart and extends its reputation beyond the industry.


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partnership overview

Effortless media workflow control with PORTAL and DeepVA integration

PORTAL is a unique SaaS platform developed by LOGIC that allows users to easily and intuitively manage, control, and operate complex AWS-based media workflows. PORTAL is modular, allowing customers to build media pipelines on the fly without the need for extensive cloud skills. While workflows are managed from a central platform, workloads are handled in the customer account. As a result, PORTAL customers not only retain full control over costs and operations, but can also leverage their individual AWS pricing agreements. The integration of DeepVA enables metadata enrichment in these media workflows for the benefit of customers. You can find more information here.

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