aiconix sets new standards and expands the AI portfolio of its DeepVA platform

Aiconix Live Business Solution becomes part of the DeepVA AI platform

We are excited to share some significant updates regarding important developments and changes within our organization and operations at aiconix GmbH. These updates include:

  • New Management and Team Restructuring
  • DeepVA Brand Transition
  • Expanded Product Portfolio
  • End-of-Life for aiconix aingine and Transcribe App
  • New Pricing Model
  • Master Subscription Agreement

These changes stem from the strategic realignment of aiconix GmbH following our merger with the AI platform DeepVA from The Chainless GmbH in February this year. Here are the details you need to know:

New management and team

As of May 1, 2024, there have been changes in our management team. Eugen Gross, our founder, has departed from aiconix GmbH. Christian Hirth remains as CEO and your primary contact. For sales inquiries, Fabian Linder will handle the DeepVA AI platform, while Dr. Denis Jung will focus on aiconix legacy products (aingine, Live, Transcribe App). Technical support will be provided by Frederik Böhm for the DeepVA platform and Thorsten Hallwas for legacy products

DeepVA brand

All aiconix products will now be managed under the DeepVA brand. This is part of our strategy to establish a scalable international AI technology company with deeper vertical integration and parallel independent business models.

Expanded product portfolio

The DeepVA AI platform will now serve as the foundation for seven business AI applications: Deep Media Analyzer, Deep Model Customizer, Deep Collector, Deep Indexer, Deep Explorer, and Deep Live Hub. aiconix Live will be integrated into the DeepVA platform and rebranded as Deep Live Hub. For more information on the products, please visit the DeepVA website.

aiconix live is now Deep Live Hub
aiconix live is now Deep Live Hub

End-of-Life for aiconix aingine and Transcribe App

We will retire the aiconix aingine and Transcribe App on July 30, 2024. Their key functionalities will be available through the DeepVA platform and its business applications, such as transcribing and translating audio and video files via Deep Live Hub. All existing contracts for these products will end on July 30, 2024. If you haven’t been contacted yet, please reach out to Mr. Hirth or Mr. Jung. We aim to ensure a smooth transition to the DeepVA product world. You can schedule a consultation using this booking link.

New pricing model

To provide faster, better services with greater value, aiconix will focus on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with subscription-based billing. This 12-month subscription model includes a usage volume that covers all features, simplifying billing, increasing transparency, and allowing more effective use of our experts for higher value creation.

Have a look at our subscription plans here.

Master Subscription Agreement

With these changes, we have replaced our old terms and conditions with a new Master Subscription Agreement, which you can find on our website here.

By merging aiconix with DeepVA, you’ll benefit from a broader range of features, improved efficiency, and greater scalability – all under one roof. This strategic move ensures DeepVA remains a leading AI platform, delivering innovative solutions across industries and meeting the demands of a rapidly changing market. DeepVA is committed to responsible, future-proof, and ethically-aligned AI solutions based on European values.

We appreciate your continued trust in aiconix and our team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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