ThinkOwl Group Driving AI Innovation: The Chainless and aiconix join forces to strengthen market leadership

ThinkOwl group acquires DeepVA: building a global AI leader

The AI platform DeepVA joins forces with AI technology provider aiconix and becomes part of the ThinkOwl Group. Together they are pursuing the vision of DeepVA, an independent and trustworthy AI operating system. This AI platform offers a comprehensive repertoire of functions and solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide. By joining forces, both companies benefit from the combined expertise of true AI pioneers and market leadership in the media industry, thanks to numerous customers and partners.

Leading media companies in German-speaking countries use the AI platform DeepVA from The Chainless GmbH. The Freiburg-based AI company has developed from an idea at the media faculty of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences into a successful AI start-up with many well-known customers from the media industry and public administration.

The Chainless founders
The founders of The Chainless (from left to right): Christian Hirth, Esther Arroyo Garcia and Frederik Böhm

Under the joint umbrella of the ThinkOwl Group, the AI provider aiconix, founded by Eugen Gross, and the former The Chainless GmbH with its AI platform DeepVA are combining their product portfolios and thus further expanding their very good market positions under joint management. Cologne-based aiconix GmbH will therefore not only offer its own AI solutions such as automated live-stream transcription (speech-to-text), translations and subtitling, but also the AI platform DeepVA. The joint AI solutions therefore offer a significant value contribution to the entire media supply chain. Strategically, the products are to be further expanded and offered in additional market segments.

Both companies complement each other perfectly and now have the opportunity to scale thanks to the joint parent company with its international structures and combined AI expertise. With a team of around 175 employees at Think Owl, the operations team for DeepVA and aiconix is also growing, ensuring a far more powerful and robust enterprise system, even outside the European market.

S√ľleyman Arayan, CEO of the Group, is one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence. Back in 1996, the computer linguist founded ITyX to process and analyze unstructured text information using AI (text mining), for example for banks. In 2002, the company launched a self-learning AI platform for call centers. In 2016, he founded, a company that has developed a cloud-based complete solution for the partial and full automation of customer-based processes and dialogs. ThinkOwl supports companies with modern AI tools to reduce costs through automation and create the best customer experience.

The size of the group, which operates on a global scale, enables not only the expansion of development and the creation of new services, but also the opening up of new markets for both business units. The aim is to expand existing partnerships and establish new ones.

As one of the founders of DeepVA, Christian Hirth will remain on the board of directors together with Eugen Gross, CEO of aiconix. Frederik Böhm (CTO) and Esther Arroyo Garcia (CMO) complete the management team.

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