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The MoovIT-SP GmbH has been founded in 2022 as a spin-off of the MoovIT GmbH to focus on developing standarized products for the Broadcast and Media industry. Moovit software solutions already saved >1 million working hours of video editors and administrators.


  • Forget €50,000 annual fees. With Helmut4, you only pay a fraction of that – a maximum cost in the three-figure range.

  • Bill based on clips rather than machine time.

  • One-Click Workflow - no more juggling multiple programs!


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Empowering efficiency for Adobe®-centric productions with AI-powered insights

Helmut4, developed by MoovIT, a leading provider of standardized solutions for the Broadcast and Media industry, streamlines project management for video production teams using Adobe® Premiere Pro®, After Effects®, and Audition®. It seamlessly adapts to your existing workflow, acting as a central hub and integrator for all your creative tools.

Key features of Helmut4

  • Agile Project Management

    Helmut4 redefines project management for video professionals. Experience an agile, adaptable, and user-friendly interface that keeps your team on track.

  • Streamdesigner

    Customizable workflows.

  • AI-Powered Diversity Analysis with DeepVA Integration

    Helmut4 now integrates seamlessly with DeepVA's AI services. This empowers you to perform AI-based diversity analysis of your video content directly within the familiar Adobe Premiere Pro panel. Analyze gender and age representation with just a click, ensuring your content reflects a diverse audience.

Unlike traditional software, Helmut4’s unique “Streamdesigner” allows customization of the source code. This empowers you to tailor workflows to your specific needs and ideas. Connect conditions, actions, and outputs using a node-based interface to build the perfect workflow for your unique production environment.

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