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apollon is a leading software provider for the automation of product data communication and data distribution in omnichannel commerce. Through various services for automated content refinement with artificial intelligence and seamless integration into existing system architectures, apollon helps companies drive their digitization success.


  • Leading DAM solution enhanced by many AI services

  • Highest automation through AI services combined with a workflow engine

  • Great value through deep integration of DeepVA's services


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Boost your workflow efficiency with powerful AI tools

Struggling with manual content creation processes? Online Media Net (OMN), the flagship software of apollon, integrates advanced DeepVA AI services to accelerate your content creation process. Key features include:

These capabilities allow intelligent classification and processing of recognized content, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

OMN PIM: Advanced product data management

OMN Product Information Management (PIM) is a core component of the OMN Product Experience Management Suite. It enables manufacturers and retailers to:

Create, aggregate, and manage product data

Create, aggregate, and manage product data

Centralize and optimize information

Maintain and enrich data

Maintain and enrich data

Enhance product details to meet customer needs

Syndicate across channels

Syndicate across channels

Customize data for different channels and locations

With open interfaces, OMN PIM allows seamless data import (e.g., from ERP systems) and export to all channels via API. Quality analysis tools ensure data accuracy and completeness, preventing errors before distribution. Enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly, scalable, and flexible software suite that eliminates data silos by managing product information and digital assets centrally.

OMN DAM: Advanced asset management

OMN Digital Asset Management (DAM) is another essential part of the OMN Product Experience Management Suite. It helps you:

  • Efficiently manage your digital assets including images, videos, and documents.

  • Leverage AI functionalities to automate tedious tasks and enrich your content

  • OMN DAM integrates seamlessly with OMN PIM or can be used independently

DeepVA services integrate directly with OMN DAM, allowing advanced processing of any stored asset. OMN DAM functions perfectly with OMN PIM but is also available as a stand-alone solution.

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