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Vidispine provides media companies and broadcasters with innovative technologies to support their business needs. Customers benefit from a broad portfolio of media management tools, applications, and services, including solutions for media asset management, production asset management, and media supply chain. 


  • Automatic indexing of faces and easy search for people in videos

  • Faces are automatically fingerprinted and stored in the DeepVA data model for use in all future analyses

  • Manage and categorize faces using the "Found By Face Analysis" collection sorting feature


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DeepVA Services in VidiNet

Exciting news for VidiNet and VidiCore users! You can now leverage the power of DeepVA’s AI software directly within your existing media asset management (MAM) environment. DeepVA is accessible through VidiNet Cognitive Services, a user-friendly interface that grants VidiCore customers seamless access to cutting-edge AI solutions from trusted partners.

Face Training and Analysis

This service unlocks DeepVA’s AI capabilities for analyzing video content. It can identify both known and unknown faces, grouping duplicates for easier management. Importantly, it preserves timestamps for each identified face, allowing for accurate search results. You can even pre-train a face model before analyzing large video datasets.

Face and Label Extractor

This service performs a detailed, frame-by-frame analysis to find faces and match them with any text displayed in the lower third of the video frame. While it doesn’t record timestamps, the output can be used to pre-train the face data model for the “Face Training and Analysis” service. This ultimately provides a set of face images with suggested names based on the extracted text.

By simplifying these tasks, the DeepVA Face Training Theme empowers you to leverage the power of DeepVA AI for your video analysis needs.

Introducing the DeepVA Face Training Theme for VidiCore

The DeepVA Face Training Theme is a lightweight application for VidiCore — a key component of the VidiNet media service —  that showcases the capabilities of DeepVA Face Recognition & Analysis Services in VidiNet. It lets you:

  • Analyze video content

    Use DeepVA AI to find faces in your videos, both known and unknown.

  • Manage face data

    Organize and train your face data model with known faces before analyzing content.

  • Capture faces manually

    Manually capture faces in videos for training or identification.

  • Search faces easily

    VidiCore's powerful indexing makes finding specific faces based on timecodes a breeze.

Vidispine and DeepVA Face Training Theme
VidiCore interface with a running DeepVA Face Training Theme

vidicore media management service

The foundation of your media management system

VidiCore is a powerful media management backend service that serves as the foundation of your media supply chain. It seamlessly connects multiple sources, handles the complexities of media asset management, and ensures efficient proxy generation for streamlined editing and distribution.

At the heart of VidiCore lies its REST API, which empowers you to develop custom solutions tailored to your specific media management needs. This flexibility, coupled with its straightforward deployment options (on-premise, cloud, or vendor-specific components), makes VidiCore a highly scalable and adaptable solution for various application scenarios.

Whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your existing media workflow or build sophisticated media management solutions, VidiCore’s simple architecture and powerful capabilities make it an ideal choice for streamlining your media operations.

Here are some of the key benefits of using VidiCore:

Centralized Media Management

Centralized Media Management

VidiCore serves as a central hub for managing all your media assets, providing a unified view of your media inventory

Efficient Media Processing

Efficient Media Processing

VidiCore automates media processing tasks, such as transcoding, proxy generation, and format conversion, ensuring efficient and optimized media delivery

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

VidiCore seamlessly integrates with various media production, storage, and distribution systems, creating a streamlined media supply chain

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

VidiCore’s scalable architecture can handle large volumes of media data and adapt to growing media management needs

Developer-Friendly API

Developer-Friendly API

VidiCore’s REST API empowers developers to build custom solutions and integrate VidiCore into their existing workflows

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