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VAN ROTHE is a young, emerging technology company and develops sustainable software products for the professional film & entertainment industry. VAN ROTHEā€™s products enable significantly more efficient and cost-effective processes from film planning to post-production.


  • Keywording of large audiovisual archives using digital twins

  • Billing on a clip basis instead of minutes/frames

  • Highly scalable - from on-premise to cloud sync


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AI-Powered facial recognition in videos

DeepVAā€™s advanced facial recognition technology, including Face Training and Face Evaluation, automatically detects and catalogs faces in video content. Key features include:

  • Automatic Fingerprinting: Detected faces are fingerprinted and stored in the DeepVA data model.

  • Manual Uploads: You can manually upload and train faces for better accuracy.

  • Unknown Face Labeling: Unrecognized faces are labeled as ā€œunknown_xxxā€ until identified.

  • Indexed Names: Named faces are indexed for easy searchability.

  • Search Integration: Clicking a search result opens the video and positions the playhead at the face's first appearance.

  • Face Categorization: All detected faces are categorized in the "FoundByFaceAnalysis" collection, allowing you to sort and move known faces to customized collections.

Wranglebot.io: Efficient media management by VAN ROTHE

Integrate DeepVA’s face recognition with Wranglebot.io, a free, open-source media asset management platform developed by the media technology experts at VAN ROTHE. Wranglebot.io empowers you to:

  • Offload and Transcode Media

    Simplify media processing and free up resources

  • Automate Metadata Tagging

    Save time and improve accuracy with automated metadata generation.

  • Centralized Collaboration

    Foster seamless teamwork through a centralized platform accessible from anywhere.

Wranglebot.io’s functionalities, combined with DeepVA’s face recognition capabilities, can significantly improve your video management workflow. Optimize your media library, streamline your search process, and save time for your team.

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